Actron CP9125 PocketScan Code Reader

Actron CP9125The Actron CP9125 is a top rated OBD II pocket Code reader for the average vehicle owner. It is one of the cheapest code readers, that works very well. This was one of the first code readers I purchased when I started working on my car. Since then, I have upgraded as I work on cars daily, but this is great for the basic car owner.

With the Actron CP9125, you can read the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) via the vehicles computer. Which will be able to determine the cause for your “check engine” light and decide if the cause needs an immediate fix or if the problem can wait until you have time to get it fixed.

Actron CP9125


CP9125 Features

  • compatible on foreign and domestic vehicles including CAN
  • Code Reader is updateable
  • One year limited warranty


Save Money

You won’t have to pay your local shop $50-$100 to diagnose your vehicle’s DTC, you can do it on your own and decide if the problem needs an immediate fix. Many times it’s a problem that can wait or a simple fix that you can do yourself and save money by not having to take it to the shop.

You might be on a vacation or a long distance from home when your check engine light appears. If you have this scanner tool in your car with you, you can quickly diagnose your problem and see if you really need to shut the vehicle off and get it towed, take it  immediately to the nearest shop, or if its a problem that can wait until you return home.

It always scares me when it comes on and I have no clue what the code is, because if its a transmission problem it needs to be fixed immediately before further damage occurs, but if its an emissions or sensor issue, I can wait until I get home.


Clear Codes

You can erase the codes with the press of a button and it will turn off the check engine light. This works well for intermittent problems or for after you fix the suspected problem.

This reads all OBD II code and includes the 16 pin connector cable, which attaches to the port of your car (usually located under the steering wheel).

This is a very small compact unit that can easily be stowed in your glove box or even in the spare tire well (that’s where I keep mine).



You can update the software on the unit for newer vehicles, so you don’t have to worry about the unit becoming old and out of date. The CD included, will have the causes for over 3,000 codes, so you can easily look them up.

If you do a simple google search after looking up the code, many times you can find very simple fixes, that you can do yourself.


How to Use Actron CP9125

Watch the 2 minute video below to see how simple the Actron 9125 pocket scanner is to use.



The main disadvantage over the more expensive OBD II code readers is that it does not output the problem in explained words. It only outputs the code, and you have to look up the code on the CD or the internet.

If you are only using this for emergency’s or less than once or twice a year, purchasing the more expensive code readers would be a waste of money.



I think this is the perfect gift or tool for any one that likes to get involved DYI projects, or likes to save money. This tool will pay for itself in the convenience of testing the code on your own and mechanic work that wont be needed.

Most people that leave reviews about this OBD II code reader have all positive thoughts. They like the price, ease of use, and the customer service from Actron. So don’t wait until you have a problem and are in need of a code reader, buy the Actron CP9125 today and save yourself the headache when the check engine light comes on.